new album coming soon!

One of my first love in music was the Blues. And also one of the first things I tried to play with the keyboard.

Mi initial interpretations of blues, were very basic but at the same time very pure in the sense that the only scale used was the pentatonic,twelve bars structure and a solid nothing else.

During my whole life as a performer, I have performed a wide variety of genres but the one I think can still get the best of me, is without any doubts my old friend The Blues.

I’m making an Album that is tribute to the music that made me into a musician and is trying to reflect different angles to my beloved blues . The release date some time in the summer of 2019.

Jaunty Affairs is the first song of the album and I’m releasing it now as a single. It is a danceable instrumental song that was created to celebrate those enjoyable things in life that make us feel happy, confident and alive.

Some of the compositions included in the album have perhaps a bit different attributes from those standard and expected of the traditional blues, I can assure though, that the whole album has been created in the spirit of the original “city blues” all of them started like an improvisation that I recorded in the course of the few two months, with the exception of Jonhy Blues which I composed (but never released) more than two decades ago.

The release is planned late July, early August 2019.